On LiFePo4 Batteries

 Date: August 9, 2021

A good hamradio LiFePo4 battery should be able to offer 12V and a peak current drain up to 10A.

For easy recharging (USB PD, Solar, lab power supply) the BMS must be able to handle a big range of voltage: 12-30V.

They should be lightweight and affordable.

My primary sources for rechargeable batteries are

  • EREMIT - Best wide range BMS that is able to handle voltages up to 30V. Directly chargeable using a solar planel without additional circuits!

  • JuBaTec

When working when high transmission powers (>20 Watt) maximum discharge current limits the minimum battery size.

Rules of thub for battery selection

TX Power up to 20 Watts

  • 4.4Ah/6.6Ah are classical “SOTA” batteries

  • Fine up to 10A average and 20A peak current

  • Best compromise between capacity, weight and size

TX Power higher than 20 Watt or long term operations

  • Less than 20Ah: Usually current limitations as 4.4Ah/6.6Ah batteries

  • More or equal than 20Ah: Maximum average current up to 20Ah, Peak 40Ah

⏪ 15V as shack voltage?

Rhein/Ruhr/Ahrbruck Hochwasser 2021 - Sentinel-1 SAR-Satellitenbilder der Überschwemmungsgebiete ⏩