Working portable from the western coast of Spain

My first big vaction this year goes to the Galician coast of Spain. Although its not planned as a ham radio vacation I thought it would be a nice place to work some stations and participate in the local club ragchew.

The trip will take place between the 18.9.2021 - 2.10.2021 starting in Illa de Arousa (IN52NN) and ending in MuxĂ­a (JN53JC) with some stops inbetween.


The equipment used will be quite minimalistic

  • 6m carbon mast + earth screw
  • 40m-20m-10m EFHW with an shortening coil for 40m
  • Xiegu G90
  • 6m of Aircell-5

My callsign: EA/DM5TT or EA1/DM5TT.

Here some pictures my used equipment.



40m-20m-10m EFHW