Useful, affordable tools for daily embedded development tasks

 Date: June 26, 2022

This is a more or less incomplete list of useful tools which are helping with the daily business of developing embedded stuff.


Can be easily programmed used Python+pyFTDI.

It’s speaking GPIO, I²C and SPI. Great for rapid prototyping. EvalKits can be bought from EBay and Aliexpress


Cypress CY7C68013A

In combination with Sigrok this gives you a LogicAnalyzer with a sampling rate of 24MHz. After Nyquist it covers pretty much all useful I²C and SPI frequencies up to 10MHz. There’s even an alternative firmware available.


Maxim MAX2870, Analog Devices ADF4351

There are several signal generators available from China which cover the frequency range up to 6 GHz. They have a small touch display and SMA outputs.


According to DJ7OO The AD4351 can be modulated with FM by applying the signal to a specific pin.

Skyworks SI5351

Ever wanted to build a small WSPR transmitter from 2.5kHz up to 200MHz?

Then the SI5351 is your friend. Write a few lines of C code, add filter and amplifier and you are done.

Take care for using a stable and precise clock generator.


⏪ Minimal ESP-IDF Modbus TCP example

Building an efficient End-Fed Half Wave transformer using special Ferrite 2643625002 from Fair-Rite  ⏩