Splitable 12-El. 23cm Yagi from the eBay store 'wlan-antenne'

A few weeks ago I bought a detachable 14 element 23cm Yagi antenna from the E-Bay store ‘wlan_antenne’.

The great thing is: you can split the antenna in the mid making it highly portable. Both elements have about ~54cm - fitting perfectly into a Yoga bag.

23cm 8-El

SWR plot using a calibrated LiteVNA-64 and 60cm of Aircell-7 cable. Frequency 1296MHz was marked.

8-Element configuration

23cm 8-El SWR

12-Element configuration

23cm 8-El SWR

S1P File

For her Investigation you can have a look at the S1P files:

This files can be investigated using NanoVNASaver.