Analysis of the Aliexpress FBP-144 BPF for the 2m band

 Date: September 24, 2022

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The measurement was done using a calibrated LiteVNA-64.

FBP-144 measurement setup
FBP-144 measurement setup

Analysis results

FBP-144 measurement (SWR, Log) sweep
FBP-144 measurement (SWR, Log) sweep

Paramers derived from the NanoVNASaver bandpass analyser.


  • Center frequency: 147.05MHz
  • Bandwidth (-3 dB): 33.15MHz
  • Bandwidth (-6 dB): 40.20MHz
  • Quality Factor: 4.4

Lower Side

  • Cutoff frequency: 131.41 MHz (-3.1dB)
  • -6 dB point: 128.75 MHz
  • -60 dB point: Not measureable
  • Roll-off: 118 dB/ octave
  • Roll-off: 393 dB / decade

Upper Side

  • Cutoff frequency: 164.55MHz (-3.1dB)
  • -6 dB point: 168.94MHz
  • -60 dB point: 266.66 MHz (derived)
  • Roll-off: 81 dB / octave
  • Roll-off: 270 dB / decade

S1P File

For her Investigation you can have a look at the S1P files:

This files can be investigated using NanoVNASaver.

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