Having a closer look at a 10 Watt SMA DC-6GHz 50 Ohm load from Aliexpress

 Date: September 24, 2022

A part of my shack is a 50 Ohm dummyload from Aliexpress which can be ordered from this shop.

Aliexpress Dummyload
Aliexpress Dummyload

This is how the Dummyload behaves between 2MHz and 6.3GHz. The measurement was done using a calibrated LiteVNA-64.

Aliexpress Dummyload VNA sweep
Aliexpress Dummyload VNA sweep

I tested the capability to burn 10 Watt by transmitting a constant CW signal for several minutes. It didn’t went up in flames.

For further Investigation you can have a look at the S1P files:

This files can be investigated using NanoVNASaver.

⏪ Analysis of the Aliexpress FBP-144 BPF for the 2m band

Ultralight Dipole for 15m ⏩